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      Virtual office, collaborative tools, project management. At Island Organizers, one of the main tools that we use to keep our projects on track is a cloud-based collaboration app (aka "workspace"). It's a "rented" space on the web  for all of our working documents, forms, idea pages, rough drafts, to-do's, etc. Each person in our business can see (or refer to), share or add/edit.

      Collaboration apps are not to be confused with ones that just store documents online like Dropbox or They offer so much more! By keeping our company's projects and shared documents in our workspace, when someone adds or changes something or completes a task, we all receive an email notice. (I prefer to have it send me weekly updates instead.) So we all know what's up next.

        When we're working on a document together, we are on the phone with one person editing and others watch live! We no longer send email back and forth with documents attached (translation: no more email attachments!). There's no more keeping track of who has the latest version on their computer (translation: less files to store and less confusion).


      There's no more confusion about who's doing what on a project - the task lists keep us on track (translation: get things done on time!). I no longer carry "cheat sheets" for computer tricks, fixes and forms (translation: no more hauling paper around with me!).
       I'm hesitant to maintain my client folders in the workspace, though, mainly because there's sensitive information in them. So, based on your preference, I don't recommend putting all types of documents in the cloud.

       But, if you need a place to work that is accessible from any computer or e-device that keeps track of where you left off, a collaboration tool may be just the answer!


Excerpt from eNews: Organizing Today. Read full issue...

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