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Seasons Greetings

by Donna D. McMillan, Island Organizers

Get organized early; beat the Holiday Rush!  It's time to send HOLIDAY GREETINGS to your clients, colleagues, friends and family.  On the horizon are Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, ´╗┐Kwanza, and New Years.

So ... do you have an organized system to store all of your important contacts' info?  Whether you use a paper or electronic address book, spreadsheet, CRM (customer relationship management aka contact management) program, or your addresses are in the cloud, be sure to backup/copy these precious records and update often during the year!

Why send THANKSGIVING cards to clients and colleagues instead of other Holiday cards?

  • Reinforces your personalized, heartfelt appreciation for their business and referrals, plus helps you to build stronger professional relationships.  I've sent Thanksgiving cards to clients and colleagues for over 20 years.
  • Unexpected and unique - something new and different for everyone to remind them of you.
  • Arrives early before other greeting cards, is usually on display longer, is not buried in stacks of other Holiday cards and unopened mail, not easily deleted like email.
  • There's still time (a full month) in this year for clients to hire your services, buy your products, plus send referrals to you.
  • Be sure your "Thank You" cards arrive prior to Thanksgiving, before the Holiday hustle-bustle and piles of mail begin.

Make your list; check it twice! There are many greeting card solutions to choose from.  Our favorite is where you order card(s) online for the holidays and any other special event. You can add photos and graphics, type personalized messages, and have them sent to one or many recipients.  A Gift Catalog is included.  SOC will print, stuff, stamp and mail these greeting cards for you.  This will save your time, energy and money! Also, there's an App for that ...

If you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of your never-ending To-Do List as the Holidays approach, don't procrastinate! Give yourself the GIFT OF ORGANIZATION. Call us, we'll help you organize your time, space, information and priorities.

Warm Thanks and Holiday Greetings to YOU!!

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