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by Donna D. McMillan, Island Organizers

DecoFlex  What happens when loose papers and small notes are buried in piles? We don't know what's there and can't do what we need to do. My longtime mantra is: "Paperwork that is lying down is sleeping or hiding. When it's standing up, it can communicate with you."

The Decoflex® box by Oxford® and Pendaflex® has been my favorite organizing tool for many years. A desktop file storage box with hanging folders and labeled tabs creates a highly-effective Paperwork Management System. Each tab designates a specific category or task and identifies folders' contents. This handy solution eliminates piles, wasted time and stress related to lost notes and vital documents. Learn more

"HOT ACTION FILES" -- This is the perfect tool to hold "active" documents, unpaid bills and other important To-Do's.  Once they're separated into categories: To Call, To Pay, To Input, Waiting For Reply, etc., the appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner.  This is a temporary "home" for paperwork; it is not for storage.

PROJECTS --  Create a mailbox for your office staff, manage info for a client's project, store details while planning a move or a party, and save notes for an organization's committee.

FILING SYSTEMS -- In limited space, filing systems can be created using several of these portable containers. Each holds a different category of files and is labeled on the end of box, ie: 2012 Income, Paid Bills, Investments, Medical Records. They fit nicely on a bookcase or on shelves in a closet. 

Other versions are available in acrylic, plastic, mesh, metal & cardboard. Buy online at Office Depot, Office Max and the Container Store.  In Honolulu, visit local stores: Simply Organized and Fisher Hawaii. NOTE: Organizing products don't usually come with instructions!

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3 Comment(s):
MAARS said..." Hey friends,TARDIS Box Public Beta has 150 GB cloud storage with biometric security.
April 5, 2014 12:22:18
sheri rasmussen said...
I moved to a new home about 2 years ago. Sadly, there was no room for my rolltop desk so my organized file system was lost. Since moving I have bills and paperwork filed in drawers from my bedroom to the kitchen - needless to say this system does not work! Along came Donna with her "Hot Action Filing Sytem" and she has me organized once again. It is so simple and easy to use - I now look forward to sitting down once a week and going through my "In" basket to file and organize all bills and paperwork. Thank you you Donna for getting me organized! ps Donna also did an amazing job organizing my kitchen pantry.
October 31, 2013 10:28:04
Rio said...
Donna's help and organizational skills has been instrumental in structuring my office to run more efficiently and effectively. I am incredibly grateful to Donna and the systems she put in place. I look forward our annual meeting. Rio
August 11, 2012 11:49:31
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